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Kilter Rodent and Pest Control is home to Los Angeles County’s free rodent inspection. Our goal is to always complete eradication of the problem while keeping in mind the health and safety of your family. To offer the best service, we believe education is key to quality treatment. This is why our state-licensed professionals receive the highest quality pest education.  

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Diseases Carried by Rodents

Aside from causing structural damage to your home, rodents can pose a health risk to your family. Rats and mice can carry a number of diseases that can be dangerous and fatal to humans, including:

Rats and Mice in Los Angeles County

Southern California is home to two primary rat species: the roof rat and the Norway rat. 

Roof rats are gray to white and have a pointed muzzle. These rats weigh between five and ten ounces and have ears long enough to reach their eyes. Roof rats are agile climbers and can often be found in attics, walls and cabinets.

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Southern California is home to five primary species of mice: deer mice, California mice, cactus mice, harvest mice, and the California vole. The deer mouse, which is typically brown with white feet and a white underbelly, is the most populous of these mouse species. These nocturnal mice are round compared to the long bodies of rats. They do not typically breed during winter, but in the presence of an abundant food supply, the mice can breed throughout winter causing damage year round. 

Kilter's Rodent Control System

1. Complete Inspection: Kilter professionals will complete a thorough inspection of the property to locate entry points and infestation areas. 

2. Clean Room Entry: Prior to any work, Kilter professionals will apply foot covers and create a “clean room entry point” to the attic.

3. Exclusion from Re-Entry: Kilter professionals will use construction-grade materials to seal off entry points to help return your home to its original pre-infestation conditions. 

4. Clean and Sanitize: After completing another inspection of the property to ensure that the building is sealed off and all opportunities for rodents to enter are eliminated, Kilter professionals will completely clean out and remove any contaminated materials. Upon removal of contaminants, Kilter will sanitize all previously infected areas.

5. Trapping and Rodent Removal: Kilter professionals set traps to capture and remove any rodents remaining in the home prior to the reconstruction process.

6. Reconstruction: Kilter professionals will replace all contaminated insulation with new, safe insulation to ensure the air in your home is safe and clean to breathe.

7. Follow-Up: Kilter professionals will routinely check traps until all rodents have been eliminated.

Norway rats are mostly gray and have a blunt muzzle. These rats are substantially bigger than roof rats and weigh between seven and eighteen ounces. Norway rats have shorter ears that do not reach their eyes, and when they invade buildings, they usually remain in the basement or ground floor.




Swine Dystenery

Bubonic Plague



Foot and Mouth Disease

Rat Bite Fever

Kilter Termite & Pest Control uses Rodex Rodent System, an exclusive treatment, to remove both rat and mice infestations effectively. Rodex is a seven-step system designed to eliminate rodents and prevent them from returning:

Rodex is safe for your family and will return your home to its pristine condition. Rodex Rodent System includes a two-year warranty that covers your entire home regardless of where your infestation was.


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Kilter Termite and Pest Control is home to San Diego County’s free pest inspection. Our goal is always to complete eradication of the problem while keeping in mind the health and safety of your family. To offer the best service, we believe education is the key to quality treatment. This is why our state-licensed professionals receive the highest quality pest education.  

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